About Eagles

The Eagles are a Los Angeles based Rock Band first started in 1971.

At it’s inception, the group was comprised of members Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner.

The foursome originally began as session musicians and as the backing band for singer Linda Ronstadt. After backing Ronstadt, they decided to form their own group.

Their debut album “Eagles” was released in 1972.

Guitarist Don Felder joined the group during the making of the 1974 album “On the Border”.

Founding member Bernie Leadon would leave the band during the “One of these Nights” tour in 1975. He was replaced by guitarist Joe Walsh.

The 1976 album “Hotel California” would be the groups most successful album and is widely considered one of the top albums in music history. That album would see the departure of Randy Meisner and the addition of bass player Timothy B. Schmit to the band.

The band released the album “The Long Run” in 1979 and then abruptly broke up in 1980 with each member going on to pursue solo careers.

The group would not reunite and release a new album until 1994 with “Hell freezes Over”.

In 1998, The Eagles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2001, Guitarist Don Felder was fired from the group.

In 2007, the group released the album “Long Road out of Eden” which